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Need to find local best good cheap affordable recommended after hours professional commercial residential same day 24 hour emergency plumbing plumbers heating electrical repair services companies contractors near me prices cost in Singapore and surrounding area today free estimates. Mr.Speedy plumbing & electrical services is an established service arm of Champion Republic Pte Ltd, a dynamic company well noted for offering essentially the most reputable and impressive lines of home products while in the market.  We notice in the market lacking of transparent pricing, professional service and warranty of workanship. We undertake to build an established service workforce using more than 20 numerous years of experiences dedicated to resolve your chokage, plumbing and electrical problems.

We have gained an advantage over others by efficiency service , reasonable price and assurance of quality workmanship. You can be confident our company to resolve your problem. Hence we added values to customer by saving their time struggling on problem for quality family time. 'We guanratee your satifsfaction' is our motto that can help our customers to save lots of time & money. In recent times, we have delivered many impressive works and earned wide range of satistified customers.

Professional Plumbing Services in Singapore

We are professional plumbers using more than 20 numerous years of experiences dedicated to correct and repair all sort of plumbing jobs.  We repair or replace all sort of basin tap, faucent, drain tap, bathroom washbasin, drain, bottle trap, flexible hose and shower head. We are routined to correct or replace WC toilet bowl, WC toilet bowl flush siphon, WC toilet bowl float, WC toilet bowl cistern as well. Besides standard plumbing jobs mentioned, we are well trained and experienced enough to pay off all sort of chokage just like  choked WC, toilet bowl choke, clogged kitchen floor trap, bathroom floor trap choke and clogged sink.

I Need To Help With Plumbing Repairs

Have you been feeling frustrated because your toilet cannot flush? Or are you finding that screaming when your drain refused to empty properly? Slipped on your perpetually wet toilet floor and have no idea the location where the leak is coming from? Toilet bowl choked with toilet tissue and sanitary pads?

The first task in solving a plumbing problem is to accept that you can't remedy it yourself. You may breathe deeply and call within a professional plumber who has the expertise and appropriate tools to rectify the problem. The more you delay as well as the more you are probably trying to repair the problem yourself, the harder you find yourself paying the plumber to undo your “handiwork” and after that fix up the first problem. In addition to the additional SGH medical bills perhaps flooring contractor's repair bills!

Best Local Plumbing And Electrical Services Singapore
Best Local Plumbing And Electrical Services Singapore
Don't procrastinate and put off the minor repairs!  An effective repair like a dripping tap/faucet or simply a running toilet is a straightforward job – especially when compared to a replacement or installation project that is definitely necessary because you didn't stop that drip.  Flooring and ceiling boards may be eroded and you may need to redo your flooring, re-plaster your ceiling and in addition to, repaint the complete area. These can be major projects – unnecessary time wasted, very expensive and highly inconvenient for the family.

Rather than spending your time researching about how to repair a dripping tap and investing your weekend executing your theory, and getting pregnant all wet when the pipe under the kitchen sink burst, why not only get golf professionals to correct it in your case efficiently and quickly (then you can find returning to watching your Korean drama or soccer on MIO TV). Our team offers a number of plumbing services at inexpensive price points to both homes and companies in Singapore.

We of expert plumbers are typical very skilled and well-equipped to resolve any plumbing problems you could possibly face. After assessing the challenge, they could inform you on your available alternatives as well as the costs involved. You may make your informed decision on if they should repair the earlier faulty flush or to upgrade to some more water-efficient one. Contact us today and we will feel special to help you.

Best Electrical Services in Singapore

At Singapore Plumbing Works, we experienced electricians to assist you with probably the most common electrical items you may face at home or at the work place.  These electrical emergencies may arise due to faulty household appliances.  Sometimes, it might be caused by aging electrical wiring, due to deterioration over time.  Other common issues are dead power outlets, frequent tripping circuit breakers, faulty switches etc.

The Importance Of Electricity In Our Lives 
Within our world, electricity is now such a fundamental element of our every day life that the majority of us bring it for granted. Our electrical lights, hot water heater, air conditioners, televisions and all sorts of electrical appliances are powered by electricity, and we expect results whenever we switch them on.  Hence we get really upset and frustrated when the tv is not switched on and we cannot watch our favourite TV show, or when the lavatory light keeps flickering non-stop. Or worse, we experience a power trip and the complete house becomes pitch black, and we had forgotten to save lots of our spreadsheet on the computer.

Reliable Electrical Services By Local Electricians
Our service electricians specialize in troubleshooting your electrical wiring problems, before making the necessary electrical wiring and/or rewiring and/or repairs.  From fuse boxes, circuit breakers and power sockets, to hot water heater switches, light switches and power trips, we will handle all of your electrical needs.

Light Fittings And Light Repairs
When you have a problematic light fixture, we will help you repair it. If you need assistance with a new light fitting, leave the light installation work to us. Certain parts with the LED lights not lighted up? Allow us to help troubleshoot your internal wiring for you. Flickering or dimming lightings or bulbs? You have a potential electricity overload situation here.

Water Heater Switch And Light Switch
No domestic hot water even after you have flipped your water heater change to “ON” and you noticed the water heater indicator light is “ON” too? The condition may lie with the water heater, the heater switch, or the inner electrical wiring. Ceiling light starting to 10 seconds to light up, long once you've switched it on? Maybe you have to replace your old and broken down 2-gang light switch that has a newer updated one.

Wall switch getting exceptionally hot? Is this fact a dimmer switch issue or is your home's old and worn wiring getting overheated? A bouquet of lights should be controlled by two teams of switches, but somehow very easy find a way to work correctly – has one of several switches been replaced or wired up wrongly? Light switch will not be managing your light fixture in any respect? Light fitting, light switch or internal wiring problem?

Power Trips
Ironing your clothes halfway and suddenly the aircon stops working and the complete house blacked out? Power failure? Short circuit? Will probably be your iron faulty? Or your circuit breaker faulty? Or maybe you have overloaded the energy socket? Allow us to diagnose the problem(s) for you. Circuit breaker tripped and are not reset? Circuit breaker trips when you cigarette lighter in your hair dryer?

In the event you master it, to generate videos for everyone your needs. However, if you don't possess the necessary expertise, it's very dangerous to meddle with it.  Hence it's usually best to seek specialized help with the electrical challenges fitness center in your work place.  Regardless of what electrical services you may need – electrical installation, electrical wiring and repairs, maintenance or diagnostic work, our electricians are here to service your every single need.

Plumbing Prices

We realize that a lot of the customers wish to know the estimation of the plumbing or electrical job charges before engaging us for an onsite assessment. However, it's tricky a great accurate price estimation without onsite assessment of your respective plumbing or electrical problem. Hence it's very common to either underestimate or overestimate work on the phone without onsite assessment. Neither underestimation nor overestimation is useful for you. 

As a way to protect your interest and our reputation, we assembled an extremely practical pricing guideline below for our customers to higher gauge the costs for solving every sort of plumbing or electrical problems. When you contact us for the appointment arrangement, you're assured to obtain a totally free your location assessment without obligation. After assessement we will give you our most competitive price with clear breakdown sufficient reason for no hidden costs. We will go on to do the job only when you concur with the value and provide us with your approval. 

Job Descripton                                                Charges
Clear toilet bowl chokage                               $60 onwards
​Clear floor trap chokage                                 $40 onwards
Replace kitchen sink/basin tap (normal type)                                  $60 onwards
Labor & material automobile exposed copper pipe leak                 $80 onwards
Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon  $80 onwards
Supply & replace bottle trap for destroy        $40 onwards
Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose      $20 onwards
Supply & install toilet bowl                           $250 onwards
Supply & install basin                                    $150 onwards
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